The Miam Factory was born from an ongoing desire to create and share memories and connections, through food and using trusted French recipes blended with the flavour of South African cuisine to create a new experience for all. The Miam Factory is all about creating emotions through delicious French baked goods with a South African twist.

"The Miam Factory's Ethos Is Creating Moments And Building Memories With Simple Joy."

Mathieu Burnier


Ethic and


We pride ourselves in sourcing our ingredients from local, family-owned small farms and businesses. We believe that from great people comes great products. We want to be part of the amazing local food industry that Cape Town has and continue to inspire people to support locally made products. Sustainability is at the core of our business, we use only recycled packages, organic and GMO-free products. We’re aware of the great difficulties that many communities are going through during this challenging time, and let no food go to waste, by principle and all leftover unsold, baked goods will be donated to a soup kitchen we partnered with.

Mathieu Burnier

The Founder

Travel, people and adventure are at the core of my career and the history of my business. Born and raised in France, I have travelled a lot and lived in many different countries. Being raised in a home with a baking grandmother awarded me the skills of baking from an early age. After 5 years in the hospitality and tourism industry, I was able to develop my passion, discipline and purpose with baking. Indeed, working as a Hotel Manager in one of the most attractive tourism regions in Africa, led me to thrive and enjoy working with people. I have always wanted to give back to the community as much as I received, and that’s when I decided to apply my own baking skills to please my fellow South Africans. Having explored the wonderful Western Cape, sharing recommendations and travel stories with clients allowed me to be part of their experiences and memories. That’s our company ethos: Creating moments and building memories with simple joy.